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Safer Internet Day 2017

This week the students in Senior 2 have been learning how to keep themselves safe for Safer Internet Day.

We have been focusing upon social media and appropriateness and all the staff are so proud of the students and the steps they take to keep themselves safe! We have also been focusing on what content is okay to share and what isn’t, looking at how to protect ourselves and looking at privacy settings and laws linked to this. Some of our students have been looking at emoji’s and matching them to their meaning; all of the students were brilliant, in fact it was the staff who needed  educating at times!

When asked what they had learnt from our sessions we had some great responses including:

“Don’t look at people’s private profiles” Antony

“Be safe on YouTube and Google” Bronagh

“We should be safe and use words that are nice words and kind words.” Megan

Finally as a class we decided to use a class hashtag to summarise our learning for #SID2017 and we have collaboratively chosen:


Well done to all of our students for their hard work on this day and continue to work hard and stay safe online, we are all so proud of you!


Time flies when you’re having fun!


Sorry we haven’t written in a while, it’s been chaos (for a change!) in Senior 2 since Christmas! Thank you for all sharing your holiday news with us, it looks like you all had a gorgeously magical Christmas and well deserved rest!

This week we have been learning about personal hygiene in P.S.D. and making sure our students take proactive steps in becoming more independent in this area! We have also been looking at Sports & Leisure and Healthy lifestyles; we have been going to the Gym and in even had Yoga club as an option for Enrichment! The ladies and I are struggling to keep up with such an active bunch!

Unfortunately we have finished our Catering topic in Vocational Education so the students who attended Blackpool & the Fylde College have had their final session… and what a session it was; ALL the students came back with the most enormous chicken burger and wedges which they scoffed down in no time! (Pic to follow next week!)

As sad as the students were to leave, it makes way for our new topic this half term which will be Horticulture & Floristry which our green fingered class members are really looking forward to!

Thank you again Senior 2 for all your hard work in lessons,
You make us all very proud to be your teachers!
Have big fun & stay safe,
Alex, Lesley, Michelle, Jo, Emma, Sue & Lucy

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Another busy week mixed in with good old festive fun for all in Senior 2 this week!

We had a great time in our tinsel trolley dash this week, a huge thank you to all the parents and students who send in gifts to those less fortunate;it is lovely to see how much we care for our community and makes such a big difference!

We have continued to make algorithms in Computing this week, playing on iPad apps to control robots, using the photocopier to make copies and controlling the CD player!

We enjoyed a festive party with Sixth Form today and our students were really impressed with the tasty delights on offer for us to enjoy …they even had gluten free options for us! We enjoyed pinning the nose on Rudolf and having a good old dance!

This week has seen our final week with our friends from Carr Hill. We have really enjoyed being coached by the students and will miss playing Boccia on a Wednesday afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend Senior 2,

Stay safe & have big fun,

Lots of Love,

Alex, Lesley, Sue, Lucy, Jo, Emma & Michelle


New arrival in Senior 2!!!

This week we have been continuing our hard work in all our topics, looking at keeping our bodies & teeth clean in Independent Living Skills and cooking up some delights in Vocational Education. However the BIGGEST news this week is that we have had a new arrival in Senior 2… he left us all shook up when he came into our lives, but we do have to say a-thank you very much for coming to visit us for the next few weeks! He’s the one… the only… ELVIS THE ELF!!!!

Elvis will be visiting us for the next few weeks and making sure we all are on our best behaviour before that vast approaching big day! The ladies have their suspicions that he might be a little bit of a mischievous elf though!!!


Have a lovely weekend, have big fun & keep safe!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Lucy, Sue, Emma, Jo & Michelle




Carr Hill, Cream scones & Chorizo…


A lovely week for Senior 2 this week yet again! Some of us have been enjoying Catering at college and made some yummy scones, we even got to try them with jam, cream & butter-very scrummy! Don’t worry though, our students in class’ taste buds were not left behind as we visited Spain this week. We got to taste chorizo, Parma ham, Spanish meats & grilled red pepper… not to mention some homemade (non-alcoholic!) Sangria which was a firm favourite. We also made 2 yummy risottos with smoked cheese and chorizo.


“I love college. You remember we did it year before. Feel grown up. We did baking.” Antony

Another great sociable week seeing our friends from Carr Hill who came in to teach us some Boccia skills. We are working well at being courteous and gracious in defeat and taking turns. Our students have also been fab on inclusion, taking part in a range of activities and being confident and polite making us really proud of you all. You are maturing into lovely young adults with each week- keep up the hard work!

We have enjoyed computing this week and learning about algorithms… our students especially enjoyed directing the robot on our iPad game A.L.E.X. and some of our students enjoyed making a playlist, the boys loved the new Little Mix album… not too sure why? Ha ha

Again, thanks for a lovely week Senior 2,

This weekend wrap up warm, stay safe & have big fun!

Lots of love,

Alex, Michelle, Lucy, Lesley, Jo, Emma & Sue


College, children in need & croissants (Oh la la!)

Busy busy busy once again for Senior 2 this week!

Monday saw a menu change for the functional skills group- we are making slimming world curry or 3 bean chilli (yum!) to sell and we are making quite a profit! The students were again exceptional chefs, cleaners and accountants!

A big step for our students this week has been seeing the start of Vocational Education courses! Some of our students have attended Blackpool and the Fylde college for catering sessions where they made yummy raspberry buns & the rest of our students participated in a sensory catering session where we took a visit to France where we tasted a range of fine wine (grape juice!), sampled and smelt some cheese & made croissants (they didn’t turn out so yum!)

Thank you for all the students who sent in money for Children in need and dressed up in Polka dots! It is such a great cause and we are very proud of all of you for taking part!

Have a lovely weekend, wrap up warm, stay safe & have big fun!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Lucy, Jo, Emma, Michelle & Sue



Diwali & Remembrance Day

Welcome back Senior 2!!!

What a busy start to a new half term. It has been lovely seeing you rested and are keen to learn!

This week started with a lot of fun for Diwali on Tuesday! Our Sensory students enjoyed the relaxing and calm nature of the sensory room and have explored a range of tastes, textures, sounds, feels and sights that our Diwali sensory experience had in store, it was amazing! We have also enjoyed a Diwali themed P.E.  day which was brilliant!

The rest of the week has seen us looking at Remembrance Day. Our students have been writing beautiful poems to remember all those who gave their lives so we could be free. The poems were beautiful and once again you have been superstars and made all the staff super proud of you!

We would also like to welcome our lovely new member of staff Michelle, who will be working alongside our students in Senior 2!

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend!

Stay safe and have lots of fun!

Alex, Lesley, Sue, Emma, Lucy, Jo & Michelle


Our Spooky Friday!!

021  027  015  023  025  016

Have a spooktacular half term!!

Scream if you’re ready for Halloween half-term!

What a fantastic half term we have had. It is amazing to think of how much all of the students have achieved in such a short space of time! We have been creating businesses, hosting events and working on being as independent as possible and I truly feel you all work as hard as you possibly can. We couldn’t be prouder of you Senior 2!

This week we have been making a cartoon comic strip of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ and the creativity and imagination of all of the students was incredible! The sensory students really enjoyed exploring the story and creating sentences to describe aliens! It was out of this world! (Come on, what did you expect?!)

This week we have mainly been planning and preparing for our Halloween party tomorrow. I’m sure you will have all heard about it! We have made creepy jelly, scary cakes and decorated the classroom to look ghoulishly spooky. It looks super scary and the cakes look disgustingly delicious, we can’t wait. The playlist is all sorted and we are ready to finish this incredibly long half-term off with a scream (and a dance!!)

Thank you to all who came to Parent’s evening last night; it was lovely to see you all!

Enjoy the break- you all deserve it!

Keep safe & have big fun!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Lucy, Gill, Emma, Jo & Sue



P.S. Pictures to follow of Halloween fun!!!

India, aliens and custard…

It’s been a relatively quiet week this week in Senior 2, compared to previous weeks of fantastic school trips, arranging and hosting a coffee morning or walking miles! However quiet does not mean boring or lacking in progression and/or fun!

We have been learning about our voices in Music with Anna and have been taking a mind-trip to India to explore and practice using our voices in a range of different ways.

We have been exploring more of our sensory story ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ in Literacy this week and our students really enjoyed dressing up as space police and knocking down a big brick wall!

We have been continuing to measure liquids in Numeracy, we used our skills to make homemade custard (to pour onto a yummy cake!) and cottage pie this week… which bodes well for our next Vocational topic which will be Catering!

Senior 2 have been earning class dojo’s for effort this week and perseverance and Alex is going to have to make a trip out to the shops this weekend to stock up the rewards box as you have done so well! Super effort by all this week and you have been working hard on your key skills targets too!

Thank you for another fantastic week Senior 2, you all have worked so hard this week as always; well done!
Have a fantastic weekend, keep safe and get some rest,
Alex, Lesley, Gill, Emma, Sue, Jo & Lucy

P.S.  Here are a few snaps of the week I had to share!


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