Hello & Happy Friday!

What a busy week it’s been this week for Senior 2! Our lovely, usually boisterous, class have been very quiet the back part of this week- a sure sign we have worked super hard!!

We have been rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing!!! This week our students are showing off their talents and their outstanding theatrical skills; I say it every year I know BUT… I think this may be our best school play yet! We cannot wait to show you how amazing we are and how hard we have worked!

We have been making some lovely secret* craft this week to celebrate our wonderful Mother’s and say a big thank you for all they do for us now and always! So please make sure you keep an eye out in the school bags, but no peaking until Sunday! 😉

Hoping our lovely students get some well deserved rest this weekend before the big events next week!

Have lots of fun, stay safe & I hope our lovely Mothers get spoilt rotten- you all deserve it!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Marie, Leah, Lucy, Sue, Jo, Emma


*To be revealed on Sunday