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Where is this year going?


We have all loved hearing what you have been getting up to in the holidays and loved having you all back rested 🙂 We would also like to welcome Leah and Marie back from maternity!

I don’t know about you but we cannot believe that it is Spring 2 already! Where on earth is this year going? Although, they do say time flies when you’re having fun and in Senior 2, we always have fun!!

Firstly I just wanted to say a HUGEEEEE well done to all of the students that took part in Young Voices! Not only were you fantastic singers and dancers but you were also outstanding ambassadors for our school and I cannot explain how proud the staff are. You really are outstanding and wonderful young adults and it was amazing to see you shining bright!!

This week we have been beginning to prepare our Sensory Garden for some much needed TLC and colour as we move into Spring! Unfortunately Storm Doris had other plans though so it was very much class based this week in our Horticulture session! We have planted some lovely strong smelling herbs though and some gloriously bright summer flowers and in typical Senior 2 style, our young adults have been watering the plants daily to make sure they become established!

We have been looking at Forces again in Science and whilst some of our students learnt about friction and resistance, others learnt about pushes and pulls in functional ways by pushing and pulling, up and down to music in a sensory circuit session.

This afternoon we have had enrichment and some of our students have been out in the community. We have topped up our rewards/ class dojo box (Alex has been getting it in the neck for the past half term about the ‘quality’ of the prizes!) and used our money skills to pay for these! The rest of our students have been playing team board games and working on those all important PSD and conversational skills!

Yet again, it has been a wonderful week full of lots of laughter and hard work!

Thanks again for always trying your best Senior 2, we couldn’t be prouder of the lovely young adults you are becoming!

Have a lovely weekend; stay safe and have big fun!

Alex, Marie, Lucy, Lesley, Jo, Emma, Lucy & Sue


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  1. What a busy week! Welcome back Marie and Leah! Megan has thoroughly enjoyed her week, thank you everyone! X

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