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MADD Week, fire safety & healthy foods!

I feel like I say this every week but REALLY…. WOW what a busy few weeks we’ve had!

Last week was our annual Music, Art, Dance & Drama week (MADD week!) Our theme was ‘Urban’ and the students got a chance to become graffiti artists, bust some moves with Mimi and explore urban music and sound with John Morrow and Steve and so much more!! We all showed off our cool nature and had a really good time! Our students loved getting involved in all that was on offer over the week and they produced some lovely work, showed off their responsible sides and really engaged with this topic; well done!

Tuesday we had Healthy Eating Day where our students enjoyed a healthy breakfast, a Joe Wicks Hiit Workout, a Sensory story and a visit from AFC Fylde who delivered a Multi-skills session; they worked really hard!

Thursday was Fire Safety Awareness  Day where our students were ablaze (sorry couldn’t resist!) with great ideas and tips on how to keep safe, listened well and even practised some of their new techniques!!

Well done to all the students for their hard work and determination over the past few weeks; we are so proud of you!

It wouldn’t be right to end this blog without a big CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES to our lovely lovely Lucy who is getting married this weekend; I’m sure you join with us all wishing her and her lovely hubby to be all the love and happiness in the world!

Have a lovely weekend, have big fun & stay safe,

Lots of love,

Alex, Leah, Marie, Lucy, Jo, Emma, Sue, Lesley


Where is this year going???

Wow! I cannot believe how quickly this year is going!

Again it’s been another lovely half term with our wonderful students putting their all into everything they do! We are so proud of how mature, responsible and kind you all are!

We have ended our week in the most lovely way this week.  Our students chose  to go either shopping or to the park for Enrichment. We gathered together for the final part of the day to share an ice lolly in the sunshine on the park as a whole class and it was lovely to see the students bonding and socializing in this lovely weather!

We hope you all get rested, that this weather lasts and after this weeks sad national news- keep smiling!

Have big fun & stay safe,

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Lucy, Leah, Sue, Marie, Jo, Ceri & Emma


A few pictures of Adam’s Activity Ark!

Finally a bit of Sunshine!!!

Another lovely week here in Senior 2!

Busy as ever, but yet another 4 day week (think both the staff and students could get used to this!!!)

We have enjoyed visiting Adam’s Activity Ark again for Vocational education- I promise to put some pictures up soon as they are lovely and show how mature and caring our lovely students are!!

We have also basked in the sunshine this afternoon, working on our social, functional and independent skills this afternoon walking into Kirkham for a delicious ice cream- think out students really enjoyed that

Finally a huge well done to all of our students, not just in Senior 2 but across school that took part in the Ribby Hall Music Festival today, I believe you were all absolutely fantastic- not that we ever thought any different!!!

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and have big fun!!! OH and don’t forget your suncream!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Leah, Marie, Lucy, Jo, Sue, Emma & Ceri


Welcome back!

A big welcome back to all the amazing students in Senior 2 this week!

We have had a busy 4 day week this week, some of our students have been to Animal Care sessions and the remaining group went to find out more about pets at the pet shop. It’s been a lovely start to a new term!

We have been working hard on being as independent as possible and interacting appropriately when in the outside area and it has been lovely to watch our students laughing, joking and taking turns at the daft new games we have in class for free time!

We had a vote today for the next few weeks enrichment activities and Performing Arts & X-box club were chosen (so very teenage!) so for the next two weeks they will be options. The vote itself showed off our students maturity as they really took it seriously, followed the rules and waited quietly and patiently for their turn- we were all super impressed as per usual!

Looking forward to another busy but fun term with you lovely students!

Have a lovely weekend and if you’re attending the St Georges’ Day parade, thank you in advance and I hope the sun is shining!

Stay safe & have fun,

Alex, Lucy, Lesley, Emma, Jo, Marie, Leah & Sue


Take a bow…

Our word of the week is WOW! It has been used an awful lot this week to describe our amazing students! EVERY single student in Senior 2 (and across upper school!!) have been so fantastic in our amazing show Little Shop of Horrors!

I am especially proud of how all of our students have grown in confidence not only in their acting ability but in following instructions and ‘adding’ to ! You really have shone like the stars you are and you should all be very proud of yourselves as we all are of you! Below are 2 pictures of some of our lovely students on the stage! (if you would like any more let us know in the home school diaries!)

Thanks for a fantastic term Senior 2! You have worked really hard and we are all really proud of you! Don’t forget your homework for the first day back!!

Enjoy your rest, keep safe & (most importantly) have lots of fun!!!

Lots of love,

Alex, Marie, Leah, Lucy, Sue, Jo, Lesley & Emma




Lights, Camera, ACTION…… (almost!)

Hello & Happy Friday!

What a busy week it’s been this week for Senior 2! Our lovely, usually boisterous, class have been very quiet the back part of this week- a sure sign we have worked super hard!!

We have been rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing!!! This week our students are showing off their talents and their outstanding theatrical skills; I say it every year I know BUT… I think this may be our best school play yet! We cannot wait to show you how amazing we are and how hard we have worked!

We have been making some lovely secret* craft this week to celebrate our wonderful Mother’s and say a big thank you for all they do for us now and always! So please make sure you keep an eye out in the school bags, but no peaking until Sunday! 😉

Hoping our lovely students get some well deserved rest this weekend before the big events next week!

Have lots of fun, stay safe & I hope our lovely Mothers get spoilt rotten- you all deserve it!

Lots of love,

Alex, Lesley, Marie, Leah, Lucy, Sue, Jo, Emma


*To be revealed on Sunday

Fun at the farm!

What a gorgeous week we have had in Senior 2 this week!

Our week started out with the usual chaos, including swimming and preparing for our show! It is looking FANTASTIC…We are so excited for you to see it! All the students taking part are outstanding and shine so brightly… Watch out West End… we are coming for you!

Then in the middle of our week we had the most amazing school visit. We went to visit Grace Mire Farm in Treales and wow, what a fantastic opportunity. Not only did our students learn more about lambing season and how hard the farmers and farm hands work but we got to witness the most amazing moment… well 4 actually. We watched 4 lambs being born and we were all totally taken a back as our students stood beautifully watching this wonderful moment unfold.

A HUGE thank you to Richard and Fran at the farm for not only showing us their amazing work, but also for embracing us and letting us get stuck in (not that you had a choice haha!) It was one of the most lovely trips and we all loved it and learnt so much! Thank you again! And as they say a picture speaks 1000 words, I will say no more and let you see for yourself!!!

Have big fun this weekend, stay safe & always remember we are super proud of how amazing you all are!!

Lots of love,

Alex, Marie, Leah, Lesley, Lucy, Emma, Sue & Jo



Busy, busy, busy!


Well it has been a busy week for us in Senior 2 this week!

In functional skills we have been designing sets for our school production and have started to draw them on the set! We have also been designing posters and creating tickets using our fantastic computing skills! The students are doing really well learning their lines for the School play and our class dance routine is coming together nicely! Thank you to all parents who have sent in costumes so far 🙂

We have had a busy week learning lots of new independent living skills and understanding the importance of cleaning a home! All of our students have helped us clean up the classroom, its great to see them all working as a big team, yet working independently!

We have also been doing a lot of guided meditation this week to look at calming our minds. We have been talking about relaxation techniques and what makes us happy and I have had to share a picture of our lightbox. The students write on a weekly inspirational quote to power through the week and this week it touched us all. What amazing students we have here at our amazing school.

Have a gorgeous weekend,

Have big fun & stay safe,

Lots of love,

Alex, Leah, Marie, Sue, Lucy, Lesley, Emma & Jo


Where is this year going?


We have all loved hearing what you have been getting up to in the holidays and loved having you all back rested 🙂 We would also like to welcome Leah and Marie back from maternity!

I don’t know about you but we cannot believe that it is Spring 2 already! Where on earth is this year going? Although, they do say time flies when you’re having fun and in Senior 2, we always have fun!!

Firstly I just wanted to say a HUGEEEEE well done to all of the students that took part in Young Voices! Not only were you fantastic singers and dancers but you were also outstanding ambassadors for our school and I cannot explain how proud the staff are. You really are outstanding and wonderful young adults and it was amazing to see you shining bright!!

This week we have been beginning to prepare our Sensory Garden for some much needed TLC and colour as we move into Spring! Unfortunately Storm Doris had other plans though so it was very much class based this week in our Horticulture session! We have planted some lovely strong smelling herbs though and some gloriously bright summer flowers and in typical Senior 2 style, our young adults have been watering the plants daily to make sure they become established!

We have been looking at Forces again in Science and whilst some of our students learnt about friction and resistance, others learnt about pushes and pulls in functional ways by pushing and pulling, up and down to music in a sensory circuit session.

This afternoon we have had enrichment and some of our students have been out in the community. We have topped up our rewards/ class dojo box (Alex has been getting it in the neck for the past half term about the ‘quality’ of the prizes!) and used our money skills to pay for these! The rest of our students have been playing team board games and working on those all important PSD and conversational skills!

Yet again, it has been a wonderful week full of lots of laughter and hard work!

Thanks again for always trying your best Senior 2, we couldn’t be prouder of the lovely young adults you are becoming!

Have a lovely weekend; stay safe and have big fun!

Alex, Marie, Lucy, Lesley, Jo, Emma, Lucy & Sue


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